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Waste Water Removal FAQs

What is classified as waste water?

Waste water is classified as any water that has been affected by human use. 

We produce high volumes of water, do you service large volume?

Yes, we service large waste water generators. For a one time pick up or recurring.


How will my waste water need to be stored to allow for pick up?

Water must be stored in 55 gallon drums or 250 gallon or larger tanks/totes.


My water is mixed with oil or antifreeze. Can you still take care of it?

Yes, if oil or antifreeze is in your waste water we are able to dispose of it properly.

Do you accept sewage water?

No, we do not currently accept sewage water or waste.

I don't see my question answered above, who can I contact?

Contact our office (269) 792-6591 or email us

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