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About Stoddard Oil

C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. is a local, family-owned business located in Wayland, Michigan. Founded in 1951 by Charles Stoddard, we have consistently provided excellent customer service and committment to the environment.


 Our mission has always been quality customer service through competent drivers, handlers, and production staff. Our staff still consists of many members of the family that retain the values this company was founded on.

We are the area leader in the waste oil industry, recycling millions of gallons of waste oil annually. Our capabilities over the years have greatly expanded by offering not only waste oil removal, but waste antifreeze removal, waste water removal,oil filter recycling, and vacuum truck services.

We are constantly striving to improve our customer service by increasing availability of drivers to our service areas, and by having the ability to communicate your needs to drivers in the field immediately after your call is taken. This ensures that our drivers can promptly reroute or schedule a timely pickup. Our driver staff consists of responsible and competent personnel, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years. Driver turnover is virtually non-existent so you can count on the same driver to consistently provide you with swift and convenient service.

Great customer service also comes through our commitment to strict quality control and environmental compliance. As a non-hazardous hauler we adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations which protects you from the liability of dealing with a hazardous waste recycler. This means your waste products do not get mixed with hazardous materials, once again giving you the peace of mind your waste product is being handled properly from cradle to grave. We employ an environmental biologist and environmental chemist to guarantee quality and environmental compliance is held at the highest possible standard.

 All incoming shipments of recyclable petroleum products and wastewater are performed using the trucking fleet solely owned by C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. Our fleet is annually inspected and certified to Michigan DOT standards. The company is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Liquid Industrial Waste (LIW) Hauler and Processor. Trucks are serviced every 10,000 miles and any maintenance issues are dealt with immediately before they become major problems. We have an exceptional staff of drivers, all of which are quarterly trained at a minimum, and updated on any new DOT or petroleum regulations that may be required or relevant to their job. We  annually update driver safety policy which incorporates new driver orientation and training program, a random DOT drug and alcohol testing policy, accident prevention and reporting guidelines, oil spill prevention techniques and spill response training.

C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. is the best choice for competent quality service, responsible product handling, and environmental safety.

Protecting and caring for our greatest resource.....the Earth.

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