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Anti-freeze FAQs

Do you pick up used anti-freeze?

Yes, we pick up used anti-freeze as well as anti-freeze/water or anti-freeze/oil mixes.

How does the anti-freeze need to be stored for pick up?

The anti-freeze must be stored in 55 gallon drums or a 250 gallon or larger tote/tank. There must be at least a 2 inch opening to allow the driver to access the liquid.


Do you sell anti-freeze?  

Yes, we sell recycled anti-freeze. All the anti-freeze we sell will be made to meet ASTM specifications. Price depends on quantity and type of antifreeze purchased.

What types of anti-freeze do you sell?

We sell four different types of Anti-freeze, all are a 50/50 premix. Heavy duty conventional green, universal yellow, ELC truck red, and orange.

What are my quantity options for purchase?

Anti-freeze may be purchased in 55 gallons drums or 275 gallon totes.

I still have questions about antifreeze, who can I contact?

Contact our main office direct (269) 792-6591 or email us

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