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Solid Oily Waste

C. Stoddard & Son's solid oily waste program has been established to meet a demand within the recycling and disposal industry to eliminate oily wastes from entering our landfills. This program will accept any solid oily waste that has not been characterized as a hazardous waste. No liquids will be allowed to be placed in the specially marked solid oily waste barrels. Below is an overview of the workings of the program:

​What is Solid Oily Waste?

Solid oily waste is any non hazardous waste that is non liquid. Examples of this type of waste include, but are not limited to, used absorbent pads, absorbent rolls, truck diapers or oil dry. This does not include any form of sewage or wipes used for clean ups of hazardous solvents.


How do we collect it?

This type of waste is typically contained, and transported in one of two ways. The first way is in a 55 gallon drum with a closed top lid. We provide, as well as replace, these barrels for an additional cost. The second way is in a Gaylord box generally the size of 48" x 40" x 36".

If you have any questions regarding pricing or our process of waste disposal, please contact us. Ask for Mark Peterson.

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