Vacuum truck services

*Non hazardous waste only

Jetter service

To keep up with preventative maintanence and emergency service, we also offer a jetter service. This service will allow us to clear dirt and debris to provide a free flow through the drains. The jetter works with 2 to 8 inch pipes. Emergency service to clear fully blocked lines is also avalable. The jetter service can be purchased as a stand alone service or paired with the vacuum truck service.

Vacuum truck

The Vacuum truck provides the customer an option to clean and specialize in wastewater and sludge removal. Utilizing gear operated pumps on our fleet tank trucks we remove the bulk of your wastes, and finish the removal or clean-out with a vacuum truck. We use PTO powered gear pumps to remove wastes and waters that have lower amounts of suspended solids and debris. By utilizing more cost effective gear pumps we are able to minimize the cost of the service to the customer. This service allows maintinence for oil water seperators, trench drain cleaning, secondary containment, etc... and  sludge removals.


C. Stoddard & Sons now offers Hyrdo-Excavating. Hydro-Excavating is the process of clearing out soil and debris using high pressure water streams. The debris is then taken with the service of a vacuum truck for disposal. It provides a more accurate way to find underground utilities and tanks. This service is often used to limit the damage to underground utilities. Using our high pressure jetter we are able to cut through soil and debris and more accurately around utility lines than the standard excavating equipment. 

Call (269) 792-6591 to schedule or inquire on pricing

If you are in need of an emergency service, we will do our best to accomodate day of or weekend services. These are done on a limited or emergency only basis. If you do have an emergency service needed please contact us as soon as you know you need it. When calling ask for Brad for scheduling.

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