We proudly service the Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Detroit, and Northern MI areas. Our services include but are not limited to, Oil pick up, antifreeze pick up, oil filter disposal, and oil delivery for burners.

Vacuum truck services


C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. is equipped and trained to quickly and cost-effectively clean-up and remove any non-hazardous waste stream.We can handle any job or situation you may have with the exception of septic systems. We provide a 24 hour emergency response capability. 

Solid Oily Waste

To assist with limiting the amount of oily waste entering the landfills, we have set up a solid oily waste program avalable to customers or non customers of C. Stoddard & Sons 

Providing non hazardous waste disposal since 1951

C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc is a member of the National oil recyclers association (NORA) since 1995

Our goal at C. Stoddard & Sons, Inc. is to provide quick and efficent service when it is needed. Any Non hazardous waste can be appropriated by us to be taken care of.


​Our drivers provide a prompt service to our customers. The drivers have a specified area so each customer will see the same driver on most occasions. This allows us to generate a relationship with our customer base.

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Non-Hazardous Waste Removal Specialists

At C. Stoddard & Sons, we are the leader in the Grand Rapids area recycling millions of gallons of waste oil each year. Providing exceptional customer service is our prime mission. We do this through the outstanding professionals we employ – which include highly competent drivers, handlers and production personnel.


Premier Provider Among Oil Recycling Companies


In addition to providing waste removal services, our capabilities have expanded to waste water removal, waste anti-freeze removal and oil filter recycling. We utilize oil water separator, oil absorbent pads and drain jetting within our service portfolio.


Our drivers are a vital part of the exceptional services we provide. Each driver is assigned a specific service area – so they are very familiar with the locations and areas they serve. We believe it is important for our drivers to develop a relationship with the customer base they serve – this makes for great communication and good business.


Waste Oil Recycling and More


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Environmental Services


We offer a range of environmental services to match your needs. Our procedures are environmentally safe across the board, with practices and procedures that meet all environmental safety requirements. Our services include waste oil recycling, waste water recycling, anti-freeze recycling, oil filter recycling and sludge removal. We also sell used industrial burner oil.


Vacuum Truck Services


Our team is trained and equipped to provide 24-hour emergency response services all over cities in Michigan such as the Grand Rapids area for the quick clean-up and removal of non-hazardous waste streams. We provide the solutions you need for any type of waste removal situation you are facing.


Solid Oily Waste


We offer a solid oily waster program for both customers and non-customers. This program is designed to minimize the quantity of oily waste entering landfills.


We are your premier provider among oil remove/recycling and industrial waste water treatment companies.


Call us today at 269-792-6591 to discuss your non-hazardous waste removal needs.

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